1 Outside of the course (Rule 18.2.)

  1. A ball is out-of-bounds when it lies steadily on the other side of a wall/road, that defines the course’s border.
  2. A ball crossing a road marked out-of-bounds and remains lying on the other side of the road,  is out-of-bounds, although the ball is on the course.

2 Penalty areas (Rule 17)

  1. When a ball is in a red penalty area, or this is known or as good as sure, and the  estimated point where the ball last crossed the border to the penalty area coincides with the course’s border: The player can have a free drop on the other side of the penalty area, with the same distance from the hole, according to Proposal local rule B-2.1.
  2. Where there is a drop-zone for a penalty area and if a ball is in this area, including when it is known or as good as sure that a ball not found lies steadily in the penalty area, the player has the following options, each with one penalty stroke:
    1. Apply an exemption, see rule 17.1 or
    2. As an extra possibility, drop the original ball or another ball in the drop-zone. The drop-zone is an exemption area according to rule 14.3. Drop-zones have been established for hole 2/11  left side, hole 3/12 by white tee hole 12 and hole 7/16 by white tee hole 16

3 Irregular course conditions (including mobile obstacles) (Rule 16.1)

3.a Ground under repair (GUR)

  1. All areas identified by blue markers or sticks and/or a white sprayline or in any other way defined as GUR.
  2. Drainage ditches filled with stone.
  3. Anthills in general area.
  4. Rocks or tree-roots openly exposed in a general area cut in fairway-heigth or lower.
  5. Damages in bunker,  caused by running water.
  6. The joints between cut turf in general area and on the putting-green
  7. Painted lines or dots on the putting-green or in a part of the general area cut in fairway-height or lower.

Note: There is no influence from GUR, if the player’s stroke-position is influenced by the conditions described in points 4-7 above.

3b  Fixed /non mobile obstacles (Rule 16)

  1. An area marked with a white sprayline and the fixed obstacle this area aligns with is considered one singular irregular course condition, then exemption is applied, according to rule 16.1.
  2. Flower-beds, plants, bushes and such, surrounded by a fixed obstacle, is part of the fixed obstacle.
  3. Trails and paths
  4. 150-metre markers and possible other distance markers.

4  Mobile obstacles (Rule 15.2)

a All stick-markers, except for white border markers.

5  Play-banned areas (Rule 2.4)

Play-banned areas under irregular course conditions are marked with blue sticks, with a white or green top.  Exemption to be applied according to rule 16.1f.

Please note: It is forbidden to fetch balls in field on the right side of hole 6/15!

If nothing else is listed, there is a general penalty for violating local rules:
Matchplay – loss of hole,  strokeplay – two penalty strokes.